Equip yourself with the best gaming accessories: glasses, gamepad, bag, HUB and webcam. Complete your desktop with gaming glasses to protect your sight from blue light, gamepads compatible with PC and mobile devices, bags to transport your peripherals, webcams and HUBs.


Mars Gaming has all the products you need to keep your computer looking stylish and cool.

Power Supply

Choose the power supply that best suits the needs of your PC with different wattages to offer you a power supply according to your computer, Mars Gaming has power supplies of 550W, 650W, 750W, 850W or 1000W. Enjoy the advantages of modular power supplies and equip your gaming PC.


Build your ideal computer with gaming cases. Equip your PC with these gaming cases and complete your computer with these towers of different designs and sizes.


Mars Gaming headsets are equipped with the most advanced and innovative technology on the market: surround system, Premium bass performance, get the best sound quality!


Find the ideal combo for you: keyboard and mouse or a complete one with headphones and mouse pad. Mars Gaming offers different gaming packs so you can choose yours according to your needs. Combos of keyboard + mouse or complete combos with headset and gaming mousepad.


Mars Gaming speakers are equipped with the most advanced and innovative technology on the market: surround system, bass performance, Premium and neodymium speakers, get the best sound quality! Complete your equipment with Bluetooth wireless speakers and sound cards.


Search your gaming keyboard: mechanical, low profile, membrane or hybrid. Mars Gaming has a keyboard for each PC. Find yours among our range of low profile, quieter, or mechanical fully gaming keyboards. In Spanish or with double layout, backlit and with lighting effects, our keyboards cover the needs of every gamer.


Mars gaming offers you microphones adapted to all your recording needs: streaming, podcasts, interviews or musical recordings... you are sure to have impeccable sound quality.


Find your gaming mouse, MMO, FPS. Get the perfect mouse for your computer. Gaming or basic, with optical or laser sensor, for left-handed and right-handed users. From simple mice to mice with 6, 13 or 19 buttons, with or without lighting, Mars Gaming has a mouse for you.

Thermal pastes

thermal pastes are built to last and deliver the cooling power of this excellent thermal paste whenever you need it.


Get your gaming mouse pad. The Mars Gaming gaming mouse pads cover the needs of all players. From XL size mouse pads to cover your entire desk, keyboard and mouse included, to gaming mouse pads with spectacular designs.

Case Fans

Mars Gaming offers all the products needed to keep your computer cool, including the best fans for the best possible airflow.


Mars Gaming offers the best water cooling products with different versions to keep your computer cool and in style.


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Graphic Cards

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Power Supply

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